Today is the 100th day since the Covid-19 came to be – and the 23rd day of lockdown for Stef and me. The weather took a turn for the better Monday, so I have been literally spending the day outside on the balcony. Stef has put lines on the ground and practices his chips and putts – I read, paint, nap, think of what to make for dinner that won’t add kilos – I’ve already gained one since lockdown started, and that is despite doing my exercisesand cadio workouts, so I really have to stop snacking every time I get bored.


Here is Auguste, lying on the finish line, looking at his portrait.


And here is my little corner of the balcony – it’s peaceful and there are buds on my rosebush. There is a pot of mint at my side too – and in another pot, lily of the valley are growing, so I may even have lily of the valley this year!

News of the virus – our neighbor’s father died. He was in an assisted living facility and became ill. The hospital refused to take him (no room left) so he was sent to a private clinic where he died very suddenly. They cannot have a funeral yet – the rules are vague – is it less than three people? Ten people? at any rate, it won’t be for a while. My boss says she knows four people who have died from the virus. Thankfully, so far, I don’t know anyone – I hope it stays that way. Keep your distance from everyone, wash hands, wear masks, and stay safe, dear readers!

Today’s project was washing my winter sweaters. Todays meal was tabouleh, carrots, and cheese for lunch, and for dinner I raided our freezer and found a tupperware of pulled wild boar shoulder – will serve it with mashed potatos and green salad. No desert! But maybe I will break down and bake a banana cake before Stef eats all the bananas.

Writing report : Have done practically no writing, even though at 7 pm each night we have a writing group that gets together (Avital Gad-Cykman’s idea – thank you so much!) She’s a wonderful writer, and I wish I were more productive, but just knowing there are a bunch of us together, stretched across the globe, is comforting and uplifting.