We’ve been in lockdown since March 15. It’s been hard not seeing my friends and children, hard not to take my bike and go to the river, and hard to only go out shopping once a week (I’m not very good at planning ahead, but this week I actually made a menu, and Stef was Thrilled!) He loves everything planned out and organized.

Auguste is still happy we’re home, and today, although it rained, the weather report says the rest of the week will be sunny, so I am looking forward to sitting on my balcony.

Since we have been in lockdown, I have been getting up early and fixing coffee and breakfast for Stef, feeding and walking the dog early morning. That is the world backwards, as he French say ‘le monde à l’envers’, because usually I’m a zombie in the morning and I take the dog out late at night. I still go to bed late – last night I was up until 3:30 am reading, but I bounced out of bed at the crack of dawn (well, when the sun peeped over the apartments facing us and shined into the window). Here are the views from my writing desk (I love it) WIN_20200406_18_06_38_Pro (2)


WIN_20200331_11_48_52_Pro (2)

Here I am with my quarantine hair (I cut my own bangs and when I washed it, part of it stuck up – I was going to crop it out of the picture but I’m being honest here – I don’t do much makeup or hairdressing in lockdown.) Hey, at least I get dressed. 🙂

Today I wanted to get a chapter done on my new book, but I kept getting distracted by nothing at all – a fly on the window, three pigeons on the neighbor’s balcony, the people coming and going (dog walkers, a family outing, a man on a bike…), so the chapter is halted and the characters in my book will just have to sit down and wait for me to get back to them, as the ashes of Pompei’s volcano rain down upon them.

I read an article about two French authors who escaped to their country homes despite the orders not to. One was rhapsodising about how gorgous the countryside was, decribing the dew on the grass, the breeze in the trees, and the deer coming to eat in the garden, and the comment section was full of people saying “How very Marie Antoinette of you”, and I had to agree. If I were lucky enough to have a house in the country, and I had defied the lockdown to go there, I would be lying low, not preening and prattling on about how amazing it is. I wonder, would I have gone to the countryside if I could have? I don’t know. I’ll not deny missing a big garden, but our apartment building has a nice garden courtyard (even though Some residents let their dogs poop there and God help them if I ever catch them at it…) The town is small, and I like being able to walk down the street to get bread and our local grocery store is well stocked. So I am quite happy here. Plus there is my desk with my view, and it’s nice being able to finish my projects. My latest one was painting the wall in the entry that I’ve been longing to paint. Here it is!

WIN_20200406_18_05_47_Pro (2)

Note the new, gold color on the wall. It used to be the white base coat that came with the apartent. Also note my little cabinet project that I put under the photos of the kids.