Book II in the, Time for Alexander series –

To catch you  up – Alexander and Ashley are married – but she is still struggling to come to grips with her new life in 331 BC. Two years ago, she travelled back in time to interview a legend – and Alexander the Great mistook her for Persephone, bride of Hades, and kidnapped her. He thought she would be grateful, but he stranded her in his own time. Ashely, a modern woman, used to hover cars and holoscreens, finds herself in ancient Greece – in the middle of a war campaign.

Ashley and Alexander have a baby – Paul – who was taken by the traitor Bessus to the wilds of Bactria – at the Ends of the Earth, and so that’s where they are headed; across the mighty Hinu Kush mountains in search of their son – “The Son of the Moon”, as he’s known.

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