Today I set aside the whole day to clean the house and clear out my fridge of old veggies, so I declared it soup day.  Unfortunately for me, it’s also a glorious sunny day – so I have been cleaning and cooking in spurts, and rushing outside to walk Auguste, who wants to stay out and play – but no, today is cooking and cleaning day – I have declared it so, and so it must be! For revenge, Auguste ate something in the grass outside, came back in, and threw up all over the living room including on my rug. Thank you Auguste. I didn’t need an excuse to clean – I’d already decided to…*sigh* Oh well. Out comes the baking soda to clean the rug. Out comes vinegar and salt, and my “alcool ménagère” which is the French housewife’s answer to everything – it smells great (I have vanilla scented) and cleans everything shiny. So off I go scrub-a-dub-dub.  The phone rings and it’s my hubby telling me to quick go fill up the gas tank – France is about to go on strike (thank you, Macron’s labor law – you have made a lot of people angry). So off I go with Auguste to fill up my tank. (Good excuse to get outside again!) Stroll very slowly back home.  Meet the neighbors and chat a while. Go home reluctantly. Clean the bathroom with my salt and vinegar scrub. Dust the whole apartment. Decide to clean the kitchen and fridge, and see what is to be dinner!

Here are today’s leftover veggie recipes: (and my new soup philosophy)

Curried zucchini potato soup: heat olive oil in a pan, cook garlic and curry until wonderfully fragrant but not brown! Add sliced zucchini and sliced potatoes, and cook in the oil until  the scent is divine – Think Good Thoughts about those you love! (This is the secret philosophy for making great soup!) Add water to cover veggies, add a half a bouillon cube for more taste, and cook until everything is very soft and mushy. Let cool, then blend (I blend in my new blender!!) add cream and more curry to taste.

Pepper and Onions in a slow cooker (the name says it all, actually): Slice 4 onions and Five bell peppers into strips, put into slow cooker with 5 or 6 tablespoons of butter and some salt, toss – cook (stirring occasionally!) for 6 hours.  You can put paper towels under the lid halfway done to absorb excess water, but make sure you change the paper towels often, and save them for cleaning up!

The sun is shining. It’s nearly 2 pm, and Auguste & I have to go back outside! I will finish cleaning later! (When it gets dark.) 🙂