To save the future, she must turn to the past . . .

San Francisco, Year 3377. A deadly virus has taken the world by storm. Scientists are desperately working to develop a vaccine. And Robin Johnson–genius, high-functioning, and perhaps a little bit single-minded–is delighted. Because, to cure the disease, she’s given the chance to travel back in time.

But when Robin arrives at the last Ice Age hoping to stop the virus at its source, she finds more there than she bargained for. And just as her own chilly exterior is beginning to thaw, she realises it’s not only sabre-toothed tigers that are in danger of extinction . . 


In this book we are taken back to the year 3377, a year in which there is a deadly virus that is spreading rapidly and causing havoc all over the world. Scientists are desperately battling to create a vaccine but as of yet to no avail. They soon come to realise that the virus appears to be similar to one that existed in the past, and that the cure could possibly be found within the blood of the sabretooth tiger.

This is the point that we meet Robin Johnson, the scientist who is more than willing to take part in the extraordinary and extremely dangerous decision they come to. Deciding the only feasible chance they have at finding a much needed cure, Robin must go back in time and retrieve the samples herself. From here the ever feisty Robin faces many challenges and obstacles as she tries to do what quite simply seems impossible.

It’s not just the creatures from the past that are a danger to her safety either. Along the way she faces terrible deaths, murder plots and of course a lot of running through the woods and trying to avoid becoming food to one of the many creatures lurking.

This story had me hooked right from the start. The storyline is so completely unique it is impossible to not find yourself getting lost within the world in which Jennifer brings to life so vividly in your mind. Robin’s character certainly grew on me throughout the story too as she learnt about her own inner strengths, making it impossible for me to not grow to adore her and what she stands for. The detail to the past certainly adds to the story and it is clear the author has done extensive research on this. The storyline is also incredibly reflective on life as it is for us all right now as we also try and navigate our own ways through a pandemic. It is purely coincidence of course, however it did allow me to connect to the story in a way I simply did not think was possible.

The entire book is written brilliantly from start to finish, with a perfectly paced storyline that takes hold of your imagination and takes you on a journey. With unique characters, and an even more unique storyline this book is the perfect form of escapism that we all so desperately need right now.

Review by Victoria Wilks