So the weekend slipped by and I didn’t see it go. The weather was beautiful, and we spent a long time on the balcony. Stef putting (or trying to putt – Auguste loved to chase the golf balls); me reading my Antony and Cleopatra.

I finished it yesterday and had to think about it for a while. It was a strange mixture of pathos and bathos, of bombastic speeches and truly touching love scenes. In this play, which is only awkward in that it spans many years and that cannot really be appreciated by just reading/listening to it, Antony and Cleopatra really do come to life as lovers. And it’s when Antony died that I completely lost it and had tears in my eyes (Although I did not cry, not Really – because at that moment Auguste tried to jump in my lap and I had to save my coffee.) And that is almost how I saw the whole play – just as you were about to succumb to violent emotion, you were pulled out of it by something ridiculous, something raunchy (this was a very raunchy play – and I thought ‘As You Like It’ was lewd…) so that your emotions are pulled this way and that – nearly laughing, nearly exasperated, almost crying, almost blushing… It was an interesting play to discover and if any of you has seen the mini series ‘Rome‘, I highly recommend this play – you see everything in a whole new light.

In other news my daughter’s German teacher, Gaby, called. She is a wonderful woman and an excellent teacher. She translated my book ‘The Promise’ into German (any German speakers out there, this is the link), and now a friend of hers is translating it into French, so we will soon have a French version!

As for the virus situation, I went shopping and waited in line. The store was full of products – no empty shelves – toilet paper, eggs, bread, chocolate (I’m saved – there is chocolate) and coffee (ditto). Everyone very polite and patient. Julia tells me that her neighborhood is not as well behaved. Also, poor Julia does not have a balcony, so I am feeling very sorry for her. Alex and SaraRachel went for a walk today – you can go outside for an hour as long as you stay within a 1 km radius of your house and stay far away from others.

I heard from one of my dearest friends that her son had a terrible epilepsy fit and is in the hospital, so we are all very worried and sending good thoughts his way. Alex & Sebi think of him as their little brother & we wish we could go and offer our support, but we have to do that from a distance. THIS is what makes the virus situation so hard. Not staying inside, not having to shop once a week, not being out of work – no, here in France, what makes it hard is not being able to hug friends and tell them you are there for them, because you Can’t be there for them – and that is the most difficult.

And finally, being locked in all day does not keep me from being silly.  Here I am, doing Cleopatra’s speeches. Here is the one where Antony dies, and here is Cleopatra telling Ceasar’s messenger she’ll never go to Rome. Ever. Over her dead body.

Tomorrow I start reading Richard III.

Take care everyone.