Today we played a game – first I found the Getty museum asking people to try to duplicate or to dress up like a painting, and so Stef and i did this:


After we went online to a “pub quiz” and took that – it’s called Gooses Quizzes, and you sign up, grab an answer sheet (on their site) and listen along and write in the answers. We don’t cheat, and we probably only got half (or less) of the questions right. Wrong answers are often more hilarious than the right ones.

I wrapped up in a blanket and sat outside on the balcony, but it was too chilly. I tried to read Antony and Cleopatra, and got though the intro – tomorrow I start on the play, and I found something terrific – it’s free recordings of Shakespeare’s plays, so I will listen and read along. Also, the Globe theater is steaming performancesstarting 6 April. I will definitely watch!

Today was another very lazy day, where I wanted to get a lot done, and ended up just cleaning, doing laundry, and playing games. Tomorrow I really have to start on my book.

Also, Alex appeared for a minute on the newsin the hospital where he works. Sending him lots of HUGS. Be careful, your mom is worried about you, Alex! Image may contain: 1 person