Well, it’s been two weeks, with two more weeks to go, and we are still feeling fine. I am thankful I live in a small town, where I can walk to the corner grocery shop and bakery, and where we can even get food delivered. We have a frozen food delivery service, and usually I reserve ordering ice-cream for the summer, but I went ahead and ordered two boxes of ice-cream cones (rum raisin and salted caramel). And when it’s sunny, and I’m sitting on my balcony, it really does lift my spirits to eat an ice-cream cone, even if I’m wrapped in a jacket!

I went to work today to reschedule more appointments, and I was so glad that everyone I spoke to was doing well. The families that we know are all wonderful, and I was afraid that someone would be sick – but so far, so good. Again, I think it helps we live in a small town. Up north of Paris there are far more people falling ill. We are being very good about staying inside though, so maybe the worst will pass with no particular problems for us.

I finished “As You Like It”, and thought it was very good. I was laughing at so many parts, and re-reading them (aloud, to my husband again – he had no idea what I was saying half the time, lol). My favorite parts are Jaques’s ‘All the World’s a Stage’, speech, and when Corin and Touchstone are speaking of life in the country vs life at court, (it’s hilarious). I thought Rosiland wonderful (of course!) but Orlando was really kind of soppy. Celia was a good foil for Rosiland – Shakespeare was a genius at poking fun at people, and the play is quite a bit more bawdy than I thought. When I saw the play I didn’t pick up on half as much as I did reading through it. And I imagine the people in Shakespeare’s time heard everything he meant, wheras I have to constantly go back and look up words and sayings. Clever, yet dark. I honestly loved reading this.

Tomorrow I will start Antony and Cleopatra – I’m interested to read this one, and I must try to find a film version to watch afterwards, because I’ve never seen it.