As the virus spreads, the language around it has been changing. Out weak leaders, desperate to hold on to power, are not mincing words. They are now framing it as “the invisible enemy” and are claiming it’s a war against it. Macron repeated the word ‘War’ six times in his last speech. Trump has taken it up, using it in every press conference, visibly enjoying the sound of it coming from his flabby lips – “The invisible enemy”, he says, practically drooling over the words. “We’re at war, and America will win.”  I’m not sure he really understands what is happening.

The stockmarket tanked and that is bad news. People are losing jobs. People are losing money – they are worried, and it is heartbreaking to see that the US, with all that money it is prepared to inject into the system to prop up huge corporations, is not prepared to use that money to help it’s living, breathing, human population.  Europe is going to go broke – I’m sure of that. But you know, once you’re at rock bottom, you dig yourself out and you rebuild. But you have to be alive to do that. And you have to have the will, and the energy, and believe that you’re going to make a better world. I see Brazil, the US, and on the periphery, Russia – holding off, trying to decide – do they want to protect their system, their elite, or do they want to protect the people? (Imagine you’re in the Middle Ages, and the people are the serfs, dependent on the nobles… isn’t that how it is today? The serfs have no say in the matter.)

Over here in Europe, the serfs have some comfort knowing they will not lose their homes. Their jobs may disappear for a while, but they will be back, and until then, they will be paid enough to hopefully keep up their payments in order to keep home, car, telephone, and food in the house. When this is over, Europe will be on its knees. We’ll be broke. We’ll have to do without for a while – but we should still mostly all be here, and our system will have survived.

I’m less sure about the other three nations I’ve named, and I shudder to think of poor Africa when this virus gets a hold there, if it does. I’m hoping it is a cold-climate bug, and will not spread so easily in a hot climate. But nature is cruel, and capricious, and right now, Nature is pissed. So we had best hunker down, try to care for our neighbors, try some new recipes while we’re in quarantine, and forget the word ‘War’. Beause war means one side against the other, and the rich have already chosen their side, and the rich will sit by and watch the other side, the poor side, get wiped out. We lost this war ages ago. Maybe now it’s time to change the system. By the way, #NotDying4WallStreetis trending now on Twitter. Have fun with it. The economy is imaginary – people are real.