I have to go back to the office every once in a while to check mail, get phone messages, and make sure the patients all have rescheduled their appointments. Today I went in for a while and did that, then dropped off a retainer for one of our patients at another dental office. Then I bought two loaves of French bread (warm from the oven) and went home. But once home, things got serious. We pushed the couch back, pulled the table away, and set up my computer where we could both see it. Then I put on our exercise videos ( yes, there are more than one – we are ambitious!)

The exercise class today was abs and legs, and Stef and I are getting better. We actually made it to the end without stopping, so we may try one that lasts more than five minutes tomorrow… (haha – just kidding.) We have a great exercise coach actually, he stands there are tells us what to do. In case we can’t figure it out, two girls are with him, Daisy and Erin, I think they’re called – and they are fabulously fit with six-pack abs and the tightest buns – in their hair – their hair is pulled back in tight buns. Anyhow, they are amazing, and I feel like a very mushy, wobbly person as I try to mimic their actions. I tell myelf that after only a few days, weeks, months – next year, If I keep it up, I’ll have muscles of steel like those women.

Our coach is very encouraging, and tells us how great we’re doing, even when I stop to put the dog on the balcony when he insists on lying down under my feet. “You’re doing great! Keep up the good work!” he crows, as I shove Auguste outside, toss him a doggy biscuit, and run back to my place.

Erin never smiles, and she punches, lifts, jumps, and presses with grim determination. Daisy has a wide grin, no matter how much her leg muscles must hurt – I keep waiting for her to grimace, or pant, (my face is beet red, my mouth wide open gasping for air, my glasses slipping off my nose…) Daisy just smiles and does another squat. Both girls are now my idols, along with Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, Jacinda Ardern, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, although you can all imagine who I’d rather look like. (Hint, it’s not Andrew).

I just added Andrew Cuomo because I saw his press conference again. I’ve watched him a few times, and his press conferences are the best things on television right now. He’s so calm, so clear, so – thoughtful. You can tell he’s thought about what he’s saying, unlike the orange clown in the white house who just opens his mouth and vomits whatever idiocies cross his itty bitty mind. Let’s make a switch – let’s put Cuomo in the president’s office, and put Trump in charge of on a plane to North Korea. We can even include his whole family.

Oh, Wouldn’t it be Loverly?

And if you’re tired of exercising, why not curl up with a good book? A Crown In Time

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