In our family, the women have the reputation of being witches. It started with my great-grandmother, who used to put curses on things. She cursed a resevoire and it dried up. Because witchcraft is seen as something bad, we don’t talk about it much. But it has always been present in my life. I have no particular talents, I can’t fly on a broomstick, I can’t heal with my hands. I can’t see anything in the crystal ball my sister gave me for my wedding. But I can cast the cards, and about once a month I’ll sit down with the tarot deck my father gave me on my 14th birthday, and I’ll read the cards. It’s just for fun, although sometimes (often), I’ll ask questions about things that worry me – will my son pass his exam? Will my daughter like her new school? Will my husband’s heart valve operation go well? And the cards tell me, in their own way. Or perhaps it’s just my mind reading patterns and finding the answers. However, since this summer, things have been strange with the cards. I keep getting the same ones.

One day in August, I sat down with my daughter and we were fooling around, but it became apparent that no matter what we asked the usual suspects kept appearing: tower (upheaval, disasters), the devil (money, trade, greed), the five of wands (aggressions, fights), the ten of swords… I did a reading every month and it was always the same. The cards kept showing disaster. I cast the cards again today and got a history lesson. The cards are obviously in a teaching mode. For now, the cards seem bent on reporting the present – the future keeps changing but there are many cards signalling a stalemate that also show up – I’ll have to do a reading every day for a week and see how things change.

The last few readings I did were very interesting. Three queens and the Emperess showed up, as did the devil. The world is covered by the hierophant in a reversed position, which to me indicates that the actual leaders of the world are weak. The cards seem to be saying that three strong women will take control and redistribute wealth to the needy in a way that will satisfy nearly everyone. The cards keep ending in a stalemate though – nothing is resolved, but things will get better. After, however, we have to avoid going back to the same system as before – or things will get worse.

The companies asking for bailouts right now have to realize that they can no longer take taxpayers’ money (which belongs to the workers) and buy back shares to make their investors and CEOs rich. In fact, the 1% will be called on to bail out the workers. The top 1% who hold over 50% of the world’s wealth will come through, according to the cards, but it will be women who make this happen.

Here is one of my books, with an ad that used tarot cards  – note the tower and the ten of swords – both cards that you don’t want in your reading!

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