We are starting to get a routine. Wake up, feed the dog, have breakfast, wash up, dress, walk the dog, come right in, wash hands. Go out to the balcony and read or just relax and take in the sunshine. At noon is a show we like to watch – and then it’s Time for Exercise!

For day one, we cleared out the guest room and set up the computer in the corner. I found an exercise programs to do as a couple, and we got started. First exercise, face each other, then lie on your back, feet to feet, do a sit-up and do a high five. We started with the video – and never made it to the high five. My husband started laughing, and I started laughing, and we rolled around the floor in hysterics for a while. Then we sobered up and went back to the video, trying to do everything. The only one we really did well was exercise number two, the walk up, and number five for some reason was easy for us as well. We ended with doing some more sit-ups and the plank some more, or at least I did, while Stephane looked for some papers that he needed to go see his mother.

The rest of the day was rather boring, as we decided to clean the kitchen. Once that was done, I decided to make bread, which turned out to be fried flat bread with garlic and herbs – and which left the kitchen looking like it had been attacked by the Pillsbury Dough boy. The bread was good, by the way. The kitchen is still a mess, but I need a project for tomorrow that does not involve cleaning out our storage room.

Julia can’t go see her horse anymore – the federation is very strict about that and send a message – no riding, only people who work at the stables can take care of the horses, and that’s it. Luckily Kalin is in a big field, there is hay, and the grass is growing fast with this warm, sunny weather.  Our world is shrinking day by day.