Hi everyone! It’s day three of lockdown but I wasn’t home long. I went to work in the morning and stayed all day to cancel the appointments of all out patients. It took my six hours and I only finished this week – I’m going back again to do next week on Friday. I figured I’d space out my forays into the real world. Hardly anyone in the streets and when they were lined up, in front of the post office this morning, which doubles as a bank here in France, people seemed to be keeping their distance from one another.

However, news (not news to me) is the French people really don’t get lockdown, because in Paris the police had to clear a market street where many shoppers were gathered. The shoppers were mostly cool about moving on, but one thing shocked me was a woman with her little girl in tow. Please people – stay inside, and keep your kids inside as much as possible.

I walked the dog, and going up and down the elevator, opening the doors to the street, made me realize how many things we touched on a daily basis that are touched by others. I’m no germaphobe, but I had a plastic bag with me, so I put my hand in it to push elevator buttons and open doors. I still washed my hands when I got home. I saw an ambulance go by when the drivers wearing masks. I’d never seen them do that before.

My husband vacuumed today and did the ironing. He’s hooked on Stranger Things on Netflix. I love that series too, even though I’ve already seen it. 🙂 I hope he doesn’t get too bored. If he does, he’ll want to go out, and since he can’t, but since he’s French, he’ll go out anyway. All he wants to do is go fishing. I’m trying to think of ways to help. Maybe I’ll ask the downstairs neighbors to put an aquarium on their porch so my husband can drop a fishing line into it to pretend he’s fishing.

Today is St Patrick’s day, and my nephew’s birthday, so I wanted to shout out to Nick – my incredibly nice, handsome, and smart nephew – Happy 20th birthday! I hope you’re taking the lockdown seriously and helping your mom and dad (of course you are!)

No time or energy to cook this evening. Dinner was leftovers. Desert, brownie (of course). New virus hack – a plastic bag in my pocket.