Day 2 of the Lockdown, and according to the president, the French people have not been paying attention and have not respected the instructions given to them right before they voted on Sunday. It must be said that the instructions were contradictory, to say the least. One: stay home, do not go out, stay away from people. Two: come vote on Sunday! 

Needless to say, not very many people showed up, but enough to convince me that the French tended to take their instructions as they came in the list: A) stay home, B) vote. But they also gathered in the streets and in the parks and that is why, said President Macron “we must now take the virus more seriously – We Are At War.” He said that six times, to make sure everyone understands. He is also going to pass a matial law tonight or tomorrow. He didn’t say that, of course, but I’m reading between the lines. The French are about as disciplined as a herd of cats and it will take a lot more than “instructions” to keep them in line. I know, because I’m a member of our apartment building’s syndicat, and I have posted enough signs and posters in our hallways and elevators to know that ignoring directions is a French national sport.

So today was clean the bathtub joints day – a thrilling job that did not work out the way I imagined when I googled ‘how to clean silicon joints’ and was told white vinegar and bicarbenate of soda works wonders (it does not), so I fell back on cloxox spray, which does nothing either – once those silicon joints have yellowed folks, they’re gonna stay that way. To cheer myself up, and to save the chocolate bar my husband was about to finish, I made brownies.  I used a stick and a half of butter, a cup and a half of sugar, and four eggs – and three quarters of a chocolate bar. Melt, mix, bake – and voila. Brownies for desert.

I walked the dog, stayed away from people, called some friends to see how they were faring, spoke to my mom, and that was it for day two. Tomorrow I’m going to the office to get everything ready for the rest of the lockdown. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to work and back without breaking any of the new laws, which go in effect tomorrow at noon.

My daughter just called, apparently there were huge lines at the supermarket today and a fight broke out (over toilet paper is my bet – for some reason, humans have decided that running out of toilet paper is worse than any kind of ridicule heaped upon them for hoarding it). Personally, I would be panic buying coffee and chocolate, but that’s just me. And anyhow, I have brownies and a glass of red wine, so all is good here.

So, cheers – I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow, and what new laws the French are going to try to break.