Day one:

Last night, Saturday, at midnight, all bars, restaurants, cinemas, public places that are not neccesary are closed. This morning, my boss called and the office is closed to the public as well – orthodontists not being a necessity, so I’ll be going in to cancel and reschedule all the appointments until the end of March. No polo either, and Stef is at home. The first thing he did was clean all his silver. This mornng has been spent scrubbing and polishing silver polo trophies. (How did he manage to talk me into helping him? My hands are already terribly chapped from washing and cleaning.) Repairing damage caused by a leak in the ceiling is the next project, but we need plaster. We have stores around us that will stay open, and today I went to the bakery, which is also open, but the hardware shop is closed. It may open Monday, I’ll go have a look.

France still held the municipal elections, but hardly anyone showed up. My sons are still working (police, and hospital technician). Julia is off work (all schools closed) but she is going to give online classes with homework and tests. She’s busy doing that. If the children don’t have internet at home, they can go to the school as long as there are no more than ten childen in the room and use the computers in the school’s lab. There will be somene there to facilitate that, I guess.  We are encouraged to go outside in the sun, to walk and exercise, but to stay away from everyone, and when I say “away”, I mean at least a meter, and two or more is even better. I’m not sure what public transport will be or how people will react in a week or two, but today is Sunday, so lockdown doesn’t feel very strange yet.

Today, lots of people are out walking. Everyone stays their distance, smiles and waves. The weather is gorgeous, and so Julia, Auguste and I went for a walk in the country with Kalin. Both horse and dog, though old and getting stiff, are in fine form. Kalin got thinner during the winter months, but his appetite is good and he still gallops and jumps. After the walk I went back to the apartment. Now I’m planning on watching television, cooking, and hopefully writing. We have a bottle of Porto in the fridge, and lots of good wine and cider. Having a drink and watching Men In Black seems like a good way to start a two week lockdown.

Update – Julia and I said that stores should be open only to the elderly in the morning, and today the main supermarkets in France announced that they would open 45 minutes earlier in the morning and only people 70 and older would be admitted to go shopping. Go France!

Des créneaux réservés aux personnes âgées

Certains magasins Intermarché ou Carrefour ont décidé, à partir de lundi 16 mars, de privatiser des créneaux d’ouverture pour les personnes âgées. Ils ouvriront une demi-heure ou 45 minutes plus tôt leur magasin, avant 8 h 30, en réservant l’entrée aux plus de 70 ans, pièce d’identité à l’appui, afin qu’ils puissent faire leur courses sans côtoyer trop de monde.

Films watched: Men in Black, Ghostbusters

Dinner: homemade chicken noodle soup with dill and lemon, salad.