I have a big famly – on both sides. We’re a mixed bunch – but on the whole we stick together. One thing that we’ve managed to sweep aside are political differences. When Obama was elected, part of my family revealed themselves to be racists – against Obama not because he was a democrat, but because he was black. I lost a few friends over that election. My heartfelt congratulations went down like a lead balloon for some, and after a few nasty notes (from them, not me), they blocked me. My family who decided that they were Republicans and supported unending war, didn’t want people to have health insurance (although when Obama pushed through his Affordable Health Care package they didn’t hesitate to take advantage of it), or education (most of the family members voting against Obama didn’t go to the university and their children will probably never go either…)

And if this sounds harsh, it is. I admit it. I love my family, but despair. And then I think, “well, as long as they’re happy“, but the thing is – they’re not. They are confronted with a world that baffles them. They want to put out their flag and be proud of it, so they close their eyes to every atrocity America commits overseas or the corruption in their own country. They want to be on the side of angels – but when the US carpet-bombed Iraq back to the middle ages, let the CIA create the taliban, kicked Russia out of Afghanistan and let the taliban take over – when the USA is so morally corrupt it refuses to sign a United Nations resolution calling rape a war crime Because it might lead to abortions – then the US has gone to the dark side, and trying to pretend it hasn’t, and that other countries still look up to it, is useless.

How can you be happy when your country is being pushed back to the middle ages by a bunch of religious fanatics that make the Saudis look almost tolerant?

So, when Trump was elected and things went downhill, I tried to ignore my family’s schism. But my respect for anyone who supports Trump wore thin, especially after he shoved his kids into positions of power, fired anyone vaguely competent, hired people who swore to destroy the very agencies they were sworn to protect (the EPA, the department of education, etc.) and started stuffing extreme-right leaning judges on benches everywhere – including a rapist on the Supreme Court.  And my respect wore out completely after the Meuller report, after Trump tweeted lies about a Congresswoman, putting her life in danger,  after he refused to show his taxes.

And then, one of my cousins – one of my favorite cousins, sent me a video with Trump lauding himself about how he made America great – and I wrote back. And I wrote this – because I am at the end of my tether – there is too little time left. We have to act now, there is too much at stake: the climate, women’s rights, LGBT rights, inequality has to be fixed, there are wars going on that must be stopped –  I’m like Bran, who says, “we don’t have time for all this sh*t” so this is what I replied: If I were a billionaire, I’d love the guy. But since me and my family are not, I refuse to bend over and let him fuck me up the ass, like most of his brainless voters are happy to do. I’m not a racist bigot, I want every women to be able to get an abortion if she wants one. I think muslims and jews and catholics and protestants are all fine even though I prefer athiests who are smarter and don’t believe in some imaginary friend who only wants you to be freinds with their freinds. I think that people dying because they can’t afford insulin for their diabetes is a crime against humanity. I think the US is a plutocracy run by billionaires who want to keep everyone else sick and ignorant. I think most politicians are corrupt, np matter what side they are on – but Trump is the worst of the lot. Pulling out of the Paris climate treaty was bad enough – but his latest attack on women is just terrible. Putting extreme right judges in position of power over women’s rights, and now refusing to sign the UN resolution against using rape as a weapon is disgusting. And anyone who votes for him is complicite.

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And my cousin wrote back that he was banning me because I was too full of hate. Well, let me tell you something – I am not full of Hate. I am full of Righteous indignation.