I don’t always whine – I do prefer wine – and red, white, or rosé depends on my mood, not the food. 🙂

My Alexa decided to stop working correctly. After two hours (yes, you read that right) I finally got it working,  but now she is registered in France, not the US, and she speaks French. And all my music and skills are gone (no, not mine, Alexa’s!). It took another two hours to figure out how to get one or two things working, and then I fell asleep because it was 2 am and I’m supposed to be working today (instead of whining about Alexa…)

Anyhooooo – today I do have to work, and my husband is in the hospital getting his pacemaker adjusted, and the house needs more cleaning, and here are all the things I want to do, but can’t today because I have no time: I want to catch up on my sleep, finish the book I’ve started writing, finish the one I’m reading, do some gardening on my balcony, maybe finished the crosssword puzzle I started last night, and, and – !

I never get bored, at any rate. People who tell me they are bored fascinate me, because I just can’t imagine not having a million things to do. Do you not vacuum – Do laundry (my machine is just on the spin cycle and I’m waiting for it to end) – Read – Go for walks – Look at the sky – listen to music – dance (badly, and not when anyone is looking – same with singing! – make something – bake something – have a coffee and write a blog post – get ready to go to work – go to the office and fight with the printer/computer/deliveryman ?  Every day is an adventure for me. I never know what is going to happen. Today my friend called at 9 and woke me up (I was up at 6:33, after falling asleep at 2am, and made the mistake of going back to sleep – and if she hadn’t called, I would have been late!)  I saw the repairman about the lights in the hallway, I did the laundry, I took photos of my new necklace, I walked the dog, I had a coffee and peanut butter toast, I vacuumed, I argued with Alexa, cleaned the bathroom, made my bed, and now I’m going to get ready for work! Never a dull moment – because all those moments are interesting to me – well, except the vacuuming. I could do without that one. Have a good day!


Me, my mug, and my new necklace thanks to Beverly Jackson!

If you want to see more of Beverly’s beautiful jewelry, check out her site!

If you want a fantastic mug, go to my publisher and order one (and a few books while you’re at it!)