February – I’m starting to think we may have spring yet. Of course, since Trump took the US out of the arms  treaty with Russia that’s now become an option rather than a certainty. If I sound disillusioned, pessimistic, downhearted – it’s because I am. I really have to start avoiding Facebook. So many of my own friends and family think that deranged maniac is doing a good job. Luckily, the ones that do think so are not readers, so won’t come over and peer at my blog. No, Trump supporters are all about tweets and memes. Big pictures with flashy words that catch the attention. What I’ve learned is that facts can be ignored as long as one’s wishes are being catered to. For example, one wishes that America can be great again, but does not know how that can be accomplished. The easy solution seems to be keeping all non Americans out of the country and giving jobs to everyone. Now, did they think that (1) unemployment is already at such a low that the immigrants are not taking jobs away from Americans. And (2) the jobs are not paying living wages, so that most people are still working full time but are struggling and can’t afford good education, housing, or healthcare.

So, you’d think that people who want America to be great again would deduce that (1) immigrants are not the problem, and that (2) low pay is the problem. But they do not deduce this, because Foxx news and memes on Facebook say that immigrants are coming in droves and taking jobs away and bringing diseases, crime, and drugs.

You can quote the facts that come straight from studies made by sociologists, universities, even the government itself that immigrants do not bring diseases, and that diseases are mostly due to anti-vaxxers in the USA, that crime is mostly commited by Americans, not immigrants (the statistics are very clear on that), and that drugs come in through the airports and ports quite legally, and not with illegal immigrants who barely have clothes on their backs. Pew research has some interesting facts that Trump supporters choose to ignore.

Why do Trump supporters ignore facts? Because they don’t want to hear them. They don’t want their soap-bubble ideas of how to make America great again, burst. The famous monkey meme “Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil”, is now :”Hear no Facts, See no Facts, Speak no Facts.”  Welcome to the idiot’s world of Trump. 

Oh, and enjoy the new arms race, folks. I hope you have good bunkers.Image result for see no evil hear no evil