flip-flops – check.

That’s all I need!

Off to spend some time with my family in the USA. The house is clean (sort of – it’s never really spotless, I’m afraid I’m an indifferent housekeeper…) the dog is depressed – he knows something’s up – our suitcases are in the hallway. But Julia will be here tomorrow to stay with him, and so he will be cheered up imeasurably – he loves Julia more than anyone in the whole family!

The plants are watered. The garbage is out. The refrigerater is empty. The freezer, however, is full of leftover turkey, turkey soup, turkey stuffing, and turkey gravy. Oh, the joys of turkey. You think you won’t have enough, you have three times what you need, you have leftovers for a month.

We are off to Florida – sunshine (hopefully), and some R&R. I’ve still got work to do before I leave, so I’ll be busy until we actually head out the door – and then I will get out my kindle and Read! Any good suggestions for the trip?