I had blue cowboy boots. I loved them; they were so cool. I had a pink leather teeshirt, and I had a pair of red jeans. I had red plastic cowboy boots too – and a yellow skirt with a matching top. When I first moved to France, I had practically no clothes, most of my stuff was lost – in suitcases and boxes scattered all over NY and Connecticut. When I went to Paris I left things behind, I travelled light, and when I got my pay, I usually hit the shops to buy clothes – my first favorite store was Kenzo, and I bought nearly everything there – dresses, skirts, teeshirts – and I got my shoes and boots at Miu Miu; (when I was buying those things, those designers were just starting out, and cheap – nowadays I couldn’t affort socks at Miu Miu or a teeshirt at Kenzo!) 

The blue lizard skin cowboy boots were fun – I can’t remember where I got them, but I remember wearing them until I wore the soles out. I loved (still do!) chunky, funky, fake jewelry. I loved to go to thrift shops – (still do) and find fun things that don’t mix and match. I am a fashion victim – I can’t seem to do ‘classic’ – I start off with the good intentions of wearing beige and black, and end up with a scarlet dress, a turquoise scarf, and shoes with rhinestones on the heels. I never thoguht I’d really like being a model – I thought I’d do it for a while to earn some money – but the truth is, I loved dressing up and trying new clothes and shoes  – the flashier, the better! Here I am in Italy, doing a shoot with Oliviero Toscani. He was a fun photographer to work with – I adored his style, and his assistant, Fafi, was a doll. We had a blast – I wish I could find all the pictures we did – but here is one of me as a fashion victim; chunky jewelry and all!