That’s such a cliché, and so very true. Look what happened – I got busy playing Heroes of Might and Magic, and making toasted walnuts – and what happens? I forget to blog  – and I burned a whole tray of nuts. 

It takes me about an hour to hull/shell/crack (I’m never sure what the right term is) enough walnuts to fill a large cooking sheet. Then I put them in a very hot oven for 4 – 5 minutes. At the same time, I’m usually watching a film or even reading on my kindle as I try not to stab myself in the hand with the knife I use. Yes, I use a huge knife to crack my walnuts. My husband showed me how to do it, then forbade me to try (I’m really deadly with knives – I have scars all over my hands and fingers to show it). But it’s so Easy! You put the point of a heavy knife into the butt end of the nut, and twist the knife. The nut cracks right open. Then you use a nut cracker on the halves and it’s simple and fast. And so far – after hours and hours of wielding the huge knife, I haven’t stabbed myself (well, only once – and I didn’t bleed so it doesn’t count). 

Once the nuts are toasted, I add raisins, (that word does not look right no matter how I write it – raisens? Rasines? Raisans?) some sea-salt, some sugar, and a pinch of cinnamon. Then I put that in jars for snacks. But once or twice, I’ve become distracted while toasting the nuts, and there is barely any time at all between “nice and toasted” and “charred and ruined”. 

There is nothing more frustrating than having to dump a tray of burnt nuts into the trash because you were in the middle of a battle in Heroes of Might and Magic, and you forgot to check the oven. That will teach me.  

So – time flies. I’ve been busy toasting walnuts. My nephew and his GF came to visit and we had a lovely time – and they left before the French completely lost their heads and started to bash up Paris. We are – well, I am at least – very upset with this ‘gilet jaune’ movement. Mostly because I think taxing gas is a good idea, we are suffocating the planet. But making the poor and struggling lower classes pay is not a good idea. There has to be a way to make a fairer tax system. The top bracket in France is 40%. It used to be 65% in the 80’s – a time people look back at and think that “everything was better” – so I suggest putting that tip bracket back up – but the rich people are all in the government now, so it’s much easier for them to make the poor people pay – because God forbid they have to give up their ski chalet in the Alps, their country house, or their fifth car. If they (the protesters) would just stop breaking things, I might go join them. Oh well 

So, Paris was in an uproar today, but we were fine and things were very quiet in Mantes (I said to my husband they were probably all in Paris and he nodded), and it rained, so after work I just sat and cracked walnuts for a couple hours, an kept a close look at my watch and didn’t burn anything. France was burning enough as it was.