During the heatwave, I put a bunch of grapes in the freezer. I wasn’t sure how they would turn out,  but I ened up adoring them, and now I keep a coupld bunches of grapes in the freezer for snacking. They Actually work at keeping my craving for chocolate at bay!

In other news, we went to see “Chicago”, the musical, at the theater Mogador the other night. I was still feeling shaky after my aggression, but the evening was fun, the cast: actors, singers, dancers, and musiciens, were amazing. I knew some of the songs (All that Jazz) but not all of them. After we had a late night dinner of crepes at a bistro. A Wonderful evening!

Stef is in Singapore for a polo tournament, last time he went he saw a giant lizard and monkeys in the forest – next time, I’d love to go with him. If only I didn’t have to work! I’m going swimming on Tuesdays & Thursdays now, and Stef thinks I should ride the exercise bike for an hour a day. I have a real aversion to exercise, but I love taking walks. We will compremise – walk Auguste, and ride my bike to work. 🙂

I know this is a boring post, but it’s one of those, I’m just thinking about work, Stef in Malaysia, & nothing much is happening – Well, off to take a walk!