The number of times a stranger has physically agressed me: 4.  The number of times I’ve physically agressed a stranger: 0. The number of times I’ve thrown my golf club away in sheer frustration: 0 – but the temptation is always there. Golf has taught me self control.

I am not a violent person. I’m more of a wimp I’ve never taken karate or self defense lessons, but I think I will start. Human beings are, as a rule, a violent species. They fight and call it sports (karate, boxing, soccer, American foorball, rugby, wrestling…) they have wars constantly – there is never a moment when one country or faction is not fighting against another. Humans watch violent films and cheer when violence happens and their side “wins”. In fact, violence is so prevailent that Americans think guns are a perfectly logical response to the insecurity they feel.

They say that “violence begets violence”, so I suppose that humans are in for the long haul. If fighting is so important for them, I will just have to learn to live with it (which I have for over 50 years – it’s just that I am relly getting tired of it). Right now I’m watching the Ryder Cup and enjoying a fantastic golf tournament. That would be a great way to solve problems. Turn in your guns, folks, and get golf clubs. You can always use them to hit someone if you absolutely have to, but it’s better to just go out and bash the ball around. Let’s have golf practices in prisons – inmates can make their own clubs in the shop. Deliquants can learn to play golf and learn the joys of self control and controlling frustration when the ball slices into the pond.

The only problem with my theory about golf teaching self-control is that Trump plays golf, although I sincerely believe he cheats.