A woman jumped out of her car and ran to my window, furous because she felt my husband had cut her off at the exit. Instead of attacking him, she hit me. I hadn’t said a word, was looking at the light, hoping to leave the lunatic behind. It was not to be. We got out of the car, my husband hit the girl – I was upset, and even more upset about that. He was very rough when he pulled her away from me (I was still in the car and she was grabbing me and hitting me). He feels awful about using force. I was just happy he got her away – I didn’t see what happened, I was ducking down out of the way.  Then I got out of the car and told everyone to get back to their own cars and calm down. That’s when I got my phone and took a picture of her plates.) The next day, I went to a dr to get a medical certificate stating I had a bruise on my temple. I went to the police and made what the French call “Un Main Courant”. This is just a statement that goes into the police files, and if the person ever aggresses anyone and they complain, the complaint will be transformed into a formal complaint and procedure. So why didn’t I do it right away? Well, if I had pressed charges, the woman would have been arrested. The police officer taking my deposition was very clear on that. The girl would have had a police record, and would no longer be able to work iin any job that was with the goverenment or with children. She could not be a teacher, a fireman, join the army… the list is enormous. Did I want to take away a person’s future because she lost her temper and hit me? Not really. I’ve been physically assaulted 4 times in my life by people I didn’t know. Each time it was a shock – bruises, hurt, incomprehension. But I put it behind me and the people, as far as I know, didn’t turn out to be serial killers – they went on to live (I hope) happy normal lives, and so did I. If the blow had broken something, hurt my body in a way that gave lasting damage, or even hurt my pysche in a way that was lasting, I think I would press charges. But that would not give me any satisfaction – it would only be because I would need financial support. Not a fun prospect. I still have 6 years to change my mind and press charges. It seems a long time – people, before you lose your tempers and hit someone – think about that. For six years your victim can still ruin your life. Once I give the green light, a police car will be dispatched and the girl taken to jail where she will await her trial. It will happen quickly — we will appear before the judge – our statements read aloud, and the judge will decide what penalty she can get – from one week in prison on, and a permanant police record that will severely hamper her job opportunities. So I didn’t press charges. I filed a report. I will go to an eye Dr on Monday. If everything is fine, I will put it all behind me.