I suppose there is a reason for it although I can’t come up with anything logical. On Amazon my book covers are disappearing one by one, replaced by ‘Image Not Available’ signs that look sort of sad and empty.
Being a resourceful sort of person, (my hero, McGyver) I uploaded some new pictures so customers can see the cover. I also e-mailed Amazon, and if anyone has ever done that they know that it’s like writing a letter, opening the window, and tossing it outside with the hopes that someone from Amazon who can actually Do something will pick it up off the ground.

A Mysterious Spring
Here is a photo of the Nymphorium near my house. It was built on the site of a sacred spring and stream. (The druids worshipped running water.) The Romans arrived, conquered Gaul, and made the sacred spring into a nymphorium – that is, a temple dedicated to the worship of a nymph. This temple datesd from about the year 100 AD.
Whenever I drive by it, my radio stops. It is impossible to get any station in this area. Very mysterious.

Another mystery is that no matter the weather, when you get to the spring, it seems sunny. Also, when you step inside, look at your watch. Time has a funny way of getting away from you in the temple. You stop to look at the stream, the statue, then your eye is caught by a flash of light, or perhaps it was just a large dragonfly – whatever it was, you were distracted. Look at your watch again – hours have gone by. Or perhaps just a minute, when it seemed much, much longer. Step out of the temple, and suddenly, the sun is setting. Where did the day go???