A funny thing happened on the way to 333 BC. I was supposed to go back in time, interview Alexander the Great, grab my story, and leave. But Fate, that joker, intervened, and here I am, stranded in the past with Alexander the Great. Well, not really. My character got stuck. I was going to write a short story about a time-traveling journalist going into the past, and I ended up with a series of seven books.

I was never interested in history when I was in school, but having a mother who was a history teacher meant hearing about it all the time. Maybe, like osmosis, it seeped in, because when I started writing, I first gravitated towards history. I had been publishing short stories in magazines and had a good number under my belt, as well as a couple literary prizes and a nomination for the Pushcart prize. So, it was in all confidence that I started a short story about a journalist who goes back to interview Alexander the Great, slaps a mosquito, and changes time.

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