A rose is a rose – so the saying goes. But is a blog a blog? My blog is like a patchwork – slices of my life, my past, and things I see and read. I rant sometimes about politics (not often, I’m afraid) and about injustice. And last night, I was confronted with an injustice that took my breath – er, blog – away. Yes, my blog was suspended. Apparently there is a rule against hosting book tours on WordPress, so I will now cease to present books written by other people. WordPress used the example of Samantha Winston, which was unfortunate, Samantha  being “moi”, so I wrote a note and kindly pointed that out. I don’t know if they will recant, so until I get things perfectly clear (what exactly can I post – can I review books? Can I show off my new covers?) Will anyone come back to my blog if they don’t have new books to glom – well, I know that my blog is mostly about my life, my crazy kids, my polo playing husband, and my very silly dogs. Auguste must have ESP – he just poked his head up and wagged his tail – and recipes. And my garden. My golf. My love of chocolate. And today it’s my earache! Yes, I have an earache. I stayed up until 2 am last night arguing with WordPress people, who were kind enough to revise their opinion (however with warnings! Do Not Promote Book Tours, like for Samantha Winston’s “A Polo Passion”!) I told them Samantha was me, her books are my books, and sorry about the others. I. Didn’t. Know. (the terms of service are not precise). I’ve had an earache since Sunday, today I’m on antibiotics, after running to the doctor because I thought it was mumps (my neck is all sore and swollen.) (Stef says he can’t see it. But it feels all swollen!) The dr said I could only get mumps once and that I had an ear infection. Oh, woe is me. WordPress won’t let me promote Samantha, and I’m half deaf. And I must rush because I’m late for work! It seems we are in too much of a hurry to slow down and smell the roses!cropped-roses.jpg