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Elf Song 

Though he is in great demand at the court, Branagh, the Nutcracker Prince, has sought no mate and found no one to fill his needs.

Melflouise Fairnight, once an archer in the elf militia, now a kitchen maid in the palace of the Sugar Plum Fairy wanted only to catch a glimpse of the secretive Nutcracker Prince. She never dreamed he’d desire her, or that his loving could free the elf song she’d kept caged since her husband’s death.

Their unexpected passion forces Branagh to make a terrible choice, between his kingdom and his woman.

Llewellyn’s Song

In the land of Hivernia, the whispers of war have grown louder. At the request of his king and in order to save his people, Llewellyn, a forest elf, goes to the far north seeking Frostbone, the ice-demon king. But on the way he finds Tamara, a wounded D’ark T’uath, one of the women warriors of the hidden valley. Proud and untamed, these women have no use for men…but Tamara finds herself falling in love with the tall, one-eyed elf who rescues her.

Tamara and Llewellyn have to learn acceptance of each other’s beliefs in order to join forces and warn Hivernia of impending war.

Merlin’s Song

War! If she hears the word once more, Kyla is going to scream. Not only is she locked up in a stuffy castle far from the glitter and glamour of the fairy court, she has nothing to do all day but perfect her potions. Then Merlin, an elf, arrives on a secret mission to the Southern Isles.

Intent on adventure, Kyla stows away on board Merlin’s ship. But before she goes she gives Merlin a dose of her love potion and inadvertently takes some herself. Now she’s madly in love with an insufferable elf, and to top it off she’s putting his whole mission in jeopardy.

~ * * * * * ~

Fairy Lust

Excerpt Elf Song:  

Melle hardly felt her feet as they walked to his room. While Branagh tossed his clothes into his bag, she found her clothes and put them on—her best dress and her mother’s fringed shawl and her archer moccasins, relics of a past life. Dressed, she hesitated. If she ran away now he might stay and claim his rightful place. She had no right taking that away from him. She put her hand on the doorknob.

Will you leave me, Melle?” She whirled around. Branagh’s eyes flashed at her. “Well? Will you run away from me?”

Lifting her chin, she met his brooding gaze. “Not if you tell me you love me. You’ve said you wanted me, and that you’re taking me with you. But do you love me, Branagh? I need to know, because when we cross the threshold, I want to be bound by more than just infatuation and misfortune.”

Fortune’s fools,” Branagh said, his low voice a shivering caress. “Is that all we are? I think not.” He knelt at her feet and took her hand. “Melflouise Fairnight, I love you. I long to hear your elf song again, each night and day of my existence. Will you stay by my side, Melle?”

Excerpt Llewelwyn’s Song

The next day dawned cold and bright. Tamara woke and stretched. She’d done it. There was no going back. She waited for a minute, motionless, afraid to think too far ahead. But there was no sense of impending doom, rather, she felt a strange lightness in her bones, as if invisible chains had been shed. Her body felt both sore and supple. Her back had healed. Her health had returned. And she was so hungry she could eat a behemoth. She poked Llewellyn.

Husband. Go fetch me something to eat. I’m starving.”

He raised his head and his one good eye stared at her with a mixture of emotions she couldn’t put name to. Mostly disbelief, she thought.

Excuse me?”

What part didn’t you understand? I’m hungry!”

He raised his eyebrow. “No, not that part. Why did you call me husband?”

Well, here it was. The moment she’d both feared and hoped for. “Because you are my husband now. In my tribe, a d’ark t’uath is considered married once she loses her virginity. Usually we marry between ourselves, but the tradition is inviolate. We made love. I was a virgin. You are my husband.”

There was an awkward silence. His smile seemed to last longer than a smile should. The muscles on his face hardened, but his good eye gave nothing away. “Did you know this when you decided to make love to me?”


And you made love to me anyway. You made your own decision.” He was speaking more to himself than to her, so she didn’t answer. He sat still, staring over her shoulder.

She didn’t like his silence. She sat up and pushed him. “Out of bed. Food.”

Excerpt Merlin’s Song:

Merlin had just started toward the stables when a huge fanfare of trumpets sounded. He clapped his hands over his ears. What was it with the Southern Isles and loud noise? They seemed to revel in revelry—and the more earsplitting, the better.

Then Lord Fontaine arrived, dressed in a foppish coat of scarlet and pink trimmed with pearls and diamonds. He rang a silver bell and everyone turned to him in hushed expectation.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming tonight to the Presentation Fête. The glorious Kyla, my new concubine, will be introduced to all of you.” With a flourish, Lord Fontaine rang his bell again and servants arrived, carrying a palanquin. The palanquin was curtained. As the crowd held its breath, Lord Fontaine pulled the curtain aside. And there was Kyla. She was stark naked, bound with silken ropes, and looked absolutely furious.

Merlin missed his footing and nearly fell. Only grabbing on to a portly guest saved him. He must be drunker than he thought. He was having hallucinations of Kyla bound and gagged. He peered closer. No, it was real. She was being led out of the palanquin now by four servants, and she wasn’t making things easy for anyone. Even tied hand and foot she managed to kick one servant in the balls and another got a knee in the chin and fell over backward. By Mistral, she was a dirty fighter! How could he have ever thought her a soft, spoiled fairy brat? He grinned as she clamped both of her legs around the palanquin’s frame and refused to let go. Now there was a spirited lass!

But what did they want with her? He frowned as they muscled her onto a large table set up in the middle of the garden and tied her down.

~ * * * * * ~