My grandfather in 1944 with his sons, and his daughter, my mother, standing behind him.

My grandfather in 2008, with his daughter (my mother), his grandson, (my brother) and his great-grand daughter. (my niece)

History has always fascinated me, of course, and time travel. (Even though I can never keep dates straight…) And my aunt gave me a wonderful present a few years ago – a family tree! On one side, we can go back eight generations (to me it seems enormous, especially for a family of immigrants!) I know some families trace their lineage back –waaaaayyyy back to the Crusades and such.  Of course, if we go far enough back, we’re all related. Ultimately, we all descended from a sort of “Eve” who lived in the region of today’s Ethiopia and who founded the line of mankind. The new DNA tracing that they can do sounds like fun (though a bit expensive), but through them you can trace your genetic lineage through your mother’s side and find out which famous (or infamous) person you are related to!

Anyhow, I was just posting this as a tribute to my great, great, great, great grandmother Harriet Harte, born in 1790 in Union Grove, NY, and, on the other side of my mother’s family tree, Josephine Betrus Elhage b. 18?? Baatouta, Turkey>Syria>Lebanon. It’s funny to wonder how two such different families from different sides of the world came together when, three generations ago, my grandfather, a tall, dark and handsome Lebanese man, fell in love with my green-eyed grandmother, whose family fought on both sides of the US Civil war!