Today I had a day off,  so I  baked (I love to cook) an apple pie and also made some maple baked squash. But I noticed, as I went to walk Auguste, that the white lines on the crossswalk had been painted over and the three parking spaces that were sharing the crosswalk had been erased. Well, almost. The paint used is shiny so that the old lines stand out even more when the light hits them, which is why two cars were parked on the spaces this morning.

So I trotted over to “Le Voirie”, which is a just another word for “those who decide where the signs go”, and I flipped open my phone, showed the photo, and asked which brilliant person had the brilliant idea of painting these brilliant lines. From close up, you can see the line has been painted over black, but from a small distance, it just looks like more shiny white lines – so I asked again, who was the brilliant tactician who ordered this, and was it done on purpose to trap more drivers?


No one likes being called a moron. And so I refrained. But my tone of voice probably told them what I thought. There were two men and a woman – the woman and younger man kept their heads down, but the older one started arguing with me. I took my time explaining about my parking tickets, my letters, my photos, my journalist and the article, and how although now there were technically no more parking spots there, did they even think to ask the residents what they wanted? Maybe we wanted more parking spaces. The cross walk is superfluous because there is another one fifty feet away – better, safer, and bigger. Who did this shoddy job anyhow? I spent a good half hour berating them, and managed to spoil their perfectly  fine day. To get rid of me, they gave me the email of the office in charge of the paint job. I wrote a scathing letter. I figured as long as I’m probably going to have to pay for this bogus parking ticket, I may as well make it as disagreeable as possible for everyone involved.

Much cheered by the grim faces of the people at “le Voirie”, I went home and baked an apple pie and maple squash dish for dinner, and they were both delicious!

Maple squash: peel and cut up a butternut squash. Toss with olive oil and some maple syrup, sprinkle with salt – bake until soft, then broil quickly until caramelized and golden.  Enjoy!