So, this is typical. My son Sebi has gone off on his vacation. He planned it last year. He’s been wanting to go for ages, and so off he went, accompanied by his gorgeous fiancée, to visit South Korea. I admit – he was never good at timing, and he actively seemed to look for trouble. This time, it’s off to a peninsula that, in better times, hardly shows up on the back pages of the news. This time it’s front page news. I actually had to turn the news off today – it’s making me too jittery. With the lunatic in the White House making war noises at the lunatic in North Korea, it’s all I can do to sit down and write – I’m more of a nervous pacer, you see. I get nervous, I clean. I do laundry. I rearrange the furniture. I paint the whole apartment. I want to call Sebi and tell him to come back.  I know I’m  being ridiculous. Life goes on, no matter the bluster of anencephalous Trump or Crazy paranoid Kim. The clouds sail across the sky. And speaking of clouds – there is a doozy heading for my old home – the Caribbean – so I’m worried about my friends there too. It seems today is a day of worry. My house will be spotless. My husband is off to Singapore this evening – but that is just making me jealous. I’d love to visit Malaysia. Hopefully, he’ll have such a wonderful time he’ll want to go back and take me!


Here I am with our friend Wen,who lives in Singapore.

I’ve been having fun imagining a trip to Malaysia (Why didn’t Sebi go to Singapore?!) and planning what I’d like to see. Does everyone do that, or do you just go somewhere and decide what to do once you get there?

I’m not sad to stay alone – my daughter will be here most of the time, as she’s starting her year at the University. Auguste will keep me company (and sit on my lap and sleep on my pillow if I let him, lol). And I have a ton of work that I’m supposed to be doing right now – instead of writing a post about how worried I am about my son going to South Korea, and about how jealous I am of my husband flying off to Singapore! Voyage, voyage – I hope both trips go smoothly and wonderfully and that everyone has a fantastic time. What can Sebi bring me back from South Korea? Any ideas?