Vacation for a week – and a week of rain here in Normandy.  It’s typical Normandy weather, with clouds scudding across the sky, rain dropping intermittently, and the sun peeking out for a few splendid moments and making everything glisten.

We wanted to ride on the beach, but the day we went it was rainy. That didn’t deter us. At 5:30 in the morning we were up and by 6:45 we were at the polo stables. I rode India, a sweet paint pony who was slated for refereeing that afternoon. Stef took two horses on hand and rode a pretty dun pony called Jax. The rain held off until we reached the ocean, and then it poured. But the horses loved to stand in the waves. After we rode back with a group of about forty horses, and the noise as we walked through the village was astounding. 

Here you can just see the tips of India’s ears, and Stef with his two horses in front of us. 

I have been coming to Deauville in August forever, it seems. We stay at an old farmhouse and eat Camembert cheese and drink cider. We wake up early (OK, the part I don’t like much) so I usually stumble downstairs at 7:00 to have coffee with my freinds before they have to start their day (the husband is a farmer, and the wife is now mayor of her tiny town – her first wedding as mayor was for her own daughter! There are roses and hydrangeas in the garden, and apple trees – of course.

And there are rabbits – August is in heaven! The first day we arrived, he left and didn’t come back until sunset!