I suppose it’s the season of weddings – or just seeing a photo that made me think about them. We have two weddings this summer: a city wedding and a country wedding. I was married in the country, on a rainy, September Saturday. The first wedding I remember was my uncle’s wedding at the lake. I wore my Easter dress with its matching hat with the little daisies. My brother was trying to learn to whistle and in the middle of the wedding, he let out a piercing whistle. It made the wedding more memorable for everyone!

And here we are today, watching Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, with weddings galore – (like many of Shakespeare’s romantic comedies!) So I reflect back on my own wedding, on a rainy, blustery September day.  With a yellow tent, a barbecue, a polo game (of course), dancing and much wine. “…to you I give myself, for I am yours! ” “You and you, are heart in heart.”  “You and you are sure together as the winter to foul weather…”