Sebastian is a jaded vampire and Jessica’s a sparkly pixie–and according to the laws of the vampire tribe, any pixie foolish enough to fool around with a vampire is put to death. But Sebastian has met the woman of his dreams and fallen head-over-heels in love with an adorable, gum-chomping pixie! He is determined to teach Jessica how to act in front of the fairy court in order to fool the queen into blessing their marriage.

But between spankings and bouts of lovemaking, who has time for lessons? Luckily, there is the Fairy Finishing School. Jessica’s education is about to begin. That is, if she can get the bubblegum out of her bleached blonde beehive hairdo.

Excerpt: Being a pixie wasn’t that bad, except that in the scheme of things pixies were considered the trailer trash of the supernatural creatures living among humans. All because most of her ancestors had abandoned Earth for their mystical isle. Those very few pixies who’d decided to stay behind suffered the ignominy of knowing that the other creatures all thought of them as poor relations.

Vampires, on the other hand, were the aristocrats, the elite, the ones everyone else looked up to. The thought of a real vampire slumming was ridiculous, and this show was about as low as a supernatural creature could sink without actually selling his story to The Enquirer. Which happened on occasion, just before the poor schmuck committed supernatural suicide.

Ah well, maybe it wasn’t all for nothing. Things were looking up with the Spanker, alias the Wannabe Vampire. She looked at her next index card and grimaced.

“Bachelor number three, describe your perfect date from start to finish. Woo me, romance me…”

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