Did you see the last Game of Throne episode – the one where the pirate is lowered onto the deck of the ship on a sort of crocodile jaw, amidst madness and mayhem, explosions and fires? Well, that’s how I felt when I discovered the extent of the piratage that is going on with my books. Since June 2, there have been over a thousand copies pirated – you can go see for yourself here. And there are links to my pirated books, so if you are too skint to pay the 2 bucks for a download, you can be a pirate, like moneyguzzler (can any of my techno pals sink that pirate site and find out who moneyguzzler is and, I don’t know – phish him every single day for ten to fifteen hours?) Because all this person does is lift ebooks off the net and put the on Mobilism, a pirate site, for people too poor to buy 1.99$ books, and who have to steal from authors, who are too poor to be able to write, and have to work full time at other jobs and find time (somehow) in between work and a semblance of a family life to write a book. Of course, writing a book only takes a few months – maybe a year – and then there is the editing, and the publisher invests in a cover artist and spends time putting it online – and of course all these people don’t need money because…What am I saying? Of course they need money, and of course I’d like to get paid (even a pittance) for my time and effort, or there is a very good chance that artists and writers will just say “fuck this – I make more money flipping burgers at a fastfood joint than writing, so ciao pen and paper – hello spatula and at least a paycheck at the end of the month”. That’s what’s going to happen, and all these pirates who are so smugly stealing other people’s work will have nothing left to steal – the stupid gits – and they will be forced to find other ways of making people cry – like stealing candy from babies or purses from little old ladies. Seriously folks, if you want to read my book, ask me – I’ll be happy to send you a review copy, and in exchange, you can write a nice review – is that too much to ask? If you really, truly can’t afford the book, you can ask your library to order a copy, or you can ask me and I’ll send you one – I prefer that than a bunch of creepy pirates downloading my books from moneyguzzler (please, moneyguzzler, could you at least ask me? and post reviews? and start a fan club or something, so I can at least get some sales from your thievery?)