Our horse has lyme disease – it’s chronic, meaning we can’t get rid of it – and it’s cyclic, coming back spring and fall. He’s had it for about 11 years now – and it was only diagnosed last year. Like the article says, it’s hard to diagnose – the first three blood tests came back negative. What works best is a homeopathic treatment to boost his liver function – since we’ve started him on these (for humans!) artichoke pills, he’s gained weight and energy. Some symptoms he showed: an aversion to bright light, overly spooky, difficulty swallowing, shying at nothing (hallucinations?), dropped weight, low energy and lethargy, and staph infection on his legs.  He had a protein deficiency which we treated with vitamins. He was on antibiotics for the staph infection, and that cleared up well. Have scientists connected lyme disease symptoms in horses with lyme symptoms in humans? Could humans be treated with not only antibiotics but with homeopathy aimed at stimulating the liver, I wonder? Im also wondering because something bit me on my wrist, and it’s been over a month, and it’s still red and swollen. As soon as I get the time, I’m off to get a blood test! Hopefully it’s just a spider  bite, but if it was a tick, I better know now!

According to studies over 30% of horses in France (& pasture animals in general) have contracted Lyme. In some cases, it’s fatal, in others the animal’s immune system kills it, and in others, it becomes a chronic infection.

Read this very interesting post for a report on Lyme disease in humans.