There is a market nearly every day here in France – in our town, market day is Saturday down in the old section of town, on Friday and Sunday is the enormous market in the Val Fourré, and there is also a tiny farmers market in Mantes la Ville.  The three markets are very different. The market in the old section of town is set up on the streets, with clothing and food stands, and it includes the covered market where the farmers sell their produce directly. The Val Fourré market is huge and takes up several city blocks including a vast square.

Image associéeThere is always lots of parking spaces, because most people live right next to the market, and the French are find of walking. They have the “wheelie trolley bags” – mine is blue, Résultat de recherche d'images pour "French wheelie cart for shopping"and I love it. It makes shopping so much easier. I just load it up, heave it into the trunk of the car, and voila! 

marché du Val Fourré - mantes la jolie2

Everyone (almost) has a wheelie cart for shopping!

The first thing you see in the Val Fourré market is the clothing and cloth section, then the fruit and vegetable stands, punctuated with spice standsmarché du Val Fourré - mantes la jolie17






and one of my favorites – the olive stand. Marché du val fourré à Mantes La Jolie






If you need fake jewelry,  there are tables full of it – very cheap but fun to wear for parties! 





The Val Fouurré is in the Arab section of town, so you find the best spices, the most exotic food and there is a stand with mint tea and fresh fried donuts, as well as a Turkish pizza stand (my favorite) and

The Markets in the old section of town, and the Sunday market in Mantes la Ville are more traditional, with cheese stands, rotisseries, local fruit and vegetables, and meat from the farms in the region. Fromage: Au Saveur des Terroirs

The cheese stand – and the fruit and vegetable stand in the covered market. Image associée