SamanthaWinston_TagorthePirate_coverinTAGOR THE PIRATE by Samantha Winston

Genre: erotic sci-fi, space opera

Gladys Hawke is the toughest woman in the galaxy. Former notorious smuggler, still wanted on dozens of planets, she’s now the ace pilot of the largest Federation trade ship, the Ever-Gee. She’s put her past behind her…except for the nightmares…and the holes in her memory.

But the past has a way of catching up with you…

Tagor the Pirate is wanted in twenty solar systems. He’s known for smuggling, insouciant quips, and his harem of slave women. It’s all an act. Eisonian empath, Admiral Tagor is actually a Federation spy on a mission to save the galaxy, and Gladys Hawke is his best hope.
If Tagor saves Gladys from her past, can she save Tagor from their powerful, passionate attraction and the deadly danger of their soulmate bond?


Tagor cleared his throat. “Shall we?” He motioned to the floor.
She shrugged. “Whenever you’re ready.”
Stern once more, he bowed. “En garde!”
Tagor had a sabre with a light, flexible blade and a plain hilt. His cross-guard was made of black steel, the grip wrapped in leather, like hers, and a weighted pommel gave balance to the sword.
Her heart quickened. “En garde.” She put her sword to her forehead and took her stance.
At his nod, they started. Gladys admired his fluid style. Everyone fenced differently; Tagor fenced cleanly, his moves deceptively simple. At first, Gladys thought it would be a fast win. His classic moves were easily anticipated.
Then she found that no matter how she tried, she couldn’t breach his defenses. He met her attacks, even the most outlandish, with a quick parry and return thrust that had her scrambling to defend. Her personal body armor protected her from deadly cuts, but the sword drew blue sparks from it when it touched it. She drew red sparks from his shield, but there seemed to be far more blue sparks than red. His blows penetrated her defenses. Finally, panting from exertion, she had to admit that she’d been bested. Far bested. Something like that hadn’t happened in ages.
“I give!” She bent over, propping herself up with her sword. “I’m out of practice.” Turning off her body shield, she wiped her forehead.
“Pilots don’t get much fencing practice. You would have beaten me in your pirate days.” He patted her back.
At his touch, her skin prickled. She glanced up. His face was grave, and he didn’t look the least out of breath.
“Cha’ng!” she cried. “Give Tagor here some real fencing.”
“You did fine,” Tagor said.
“I know, but I’d like to see you really try,” she said, giving him an impish grin. “Don’t you want to fence with an android?”
She meant her words to sting. He stiffened. “All right.” He motioned to Cha’ng. He clicked on his body armor.
Cha’ng took her sword and gave a few preliminary thrusts to warm up. Then he nodded to Tagor, and Gladys took a seat, trying to hide her grin. An android, Cha’ng thought like a machine and fenced like a master. He’d never lost a sword fight.

Warning: This book is an erotic romance – for adults only. 18+ 

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