Auguste is doing great! He’s better than ever, running around, eating like a horse (sorry Kalin) and back to his happy, bouncy, chatty self. We’re thrilled, so thankful to Frank and Cécile – Auguste’s devoted vets – and amazed he’s recovered so completely after his ordeal!

Auguste at Jackie’s house, just before his dive into the fish pond!

Please curb your dog, French people! I live in France, and pick up after my dog – but I’m an American and happened to live in NYC that fateful year the pooper scooper law came into beingin the space of a week, jogging became a pleasure instead of a minefield. In my city, in the west of Paris, there are not a lot of dogs but the owners that do walk their dogs mostly let them poop just anywhere.I usually scold them (hearing my American accent, people are more bemused than insulted) and the result is that no one dares let their dogs do their duty in our apartment gardens (although the cats roam free and doo as they like. Er, sorry – bad pun). The town hall hands out free poopy bags, I usually carry extras to shove at people when I see their dogs pooping on the sidewalk. A few of my neighbors now walk with bags in their pockets – unheard of last year! I have high hopes for the backward French – in a few more years – give them time – they will eventually come around. (At least in my neighborhood).654a2-augusteauresto