Today Julia and I went to the Pick Your Own farm to get fruit and vegetables.  The day was overcast, which was perfect because when it’s hot it’s miserable up on the plateau where the farm is located. There used to be a fantastic crepe restaurant there too – with everything fresh from the farm, but they closed. Now they sell homemade sorbets, fresh cheese, and free range chickens and eggs. We started with the strawberries, then picked peas (we love fresh peas cooked with a bit (sorry Mom) of mint). In the cherry orchard, an air gun banged every few minutes, scaring us each time, but we got tons of sweet cherries. Then on to the raspberry patch, where we are more than we picked (today I actually got sick of fresh raspberries!). We picked a head of fresh lettuce and some young zucchinis, then I got some cilantro and a bouquet of flowers (the bouquet is actually a dismal failure – bachelor buttons look much better in the field than in a vase).  We also got fresh goat cheese, chicken livers, and some crispy bacon for tonight’s salad. When we got home, Julia baked some zucchini with parmesan cheese for our lunch (with fresh strawberries for dessert…).  We shelled the peas and chatted while the sky grew dark and a thunderstorm hit. We’d gotten home just in time!