The heatwave ended suddenly yesterday – in the space of two hours it was over. We opened the windows and let the air cool the apartment. We had been baking in the heat for days, and the fresh air was a blessing. We have no air conditioning here, and when it’s hot, it’s best to keep all the windows and shutters closed, turn off the lights, and turn on the fans. It gets very stuffy. To keep cool, I’d been making fruit salads – here are my favorite heat beating recipes:

Heat-beater salad: Watermelon & melon, cut into chunks. Put in freezer for 15 -20 minutes, until just frosty but not frozen. Serve with a sprig of mint & a glass of cool water or lemonade. You can also add apricots.

Frozen Green Grapes – Put a bunch of geen grapes in the freezer until well frozen. Take out and munch as you sit in front of a fan. I like to eat them while watching a film – it takes my mind off the heat.

Aunt Minnie’s Lemonade – I can’t get enough of this! Whole lemons, washed, cut into chunks. Crush with a wooden spoon and a generous helping of sugar in a heavy pitcher. Add water and stir – chill. Serve with ice and mint. Add water to the pitcher as you serve until the taste is nearly gone.

Une Chose – the French drink grapefruit juice mixed with tonic water & chilled. It’s not bad. They call it a “Chose” for some reason. I have no idea what it means. The thing?

In the worst of the heat, I wet dishtowels and sit in front of a fan with them on my legs. I put a dishtowel over Auguste as well, he loved it.


My frosty watermelon / melon fruit salad