The solstice is right around the corner. Here in France, it’s the fete de la musique, with public transportation free all evening and bands and musiciens on every street corner. The town of Mantes will set up the stage in the square for the bands, and we will stroll through the streets, listening to rock n’ roll, acordians, hard metal, folk, and much more. Hopefully the weather will be good, because last year it rained buckets, and although the sky cleared dramatically for the festival, everything was still damp and the air cool. 

After the fete de la musique, on Wednesday the 21, there is the bonfire on the 24th, again with music, this time on the riverfront.

But that’s in the evening. From 8:30 to 12:00 there is “Toque Chef” in the marketplace, where a chef will create and show how to make these delicious recipes: Salmon gravlax with strawberry fennel chffonade;Sumlmer tart: (minted cream cheese, zuchini, squash, eggplant) and smoked salmon; Sea bass with carrot and zuchini tagliatelle, green olive tapenade; White chocolate mousse with strawberries and basil; Apple tart with blueberries and ginger. 

I copied this from the town’s website, where they have everything listed so I don’t miss a thing. I am already imagining myself on my bike, heading to the market to see how to make White chocolate mousse…



I just love my town!