I love living near Paris,  because one of my favorite places in the world is The Louvre. It’s huge, and I have noticed that I never see the same things twice, no matter how hard I try. For 15 euros, you get a full-priced day pass, enabling you to go to all parts of the huge palace. The other day, I took my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew to see the museum. “What do you want to see most?” I asked – and my nephew replied “Rembrandt“.  Luckily the Louvre is like your corner drugstore – it has a little of everything. Once we finished with the Greek statues, the Egyptian exhibit (my favorite – it covers over 5,000 years of history – So cool!), the Neolithic room, & the Spanish and German religious sculptures, we headed to the North European paintings –  and got lost. 

I knew the Louvre was huge. It’s three stories of giant palace with staircases that makes Hogwarts look like an igloo. But I didn’t realize quite How huge it was until we had to find the Rembrandt room in fifteen minutes because we had to get to the metro to meet Stef at Pont de Neuilly at 2 pm. So we hurtled through rooms full of priceless, exquisite paintings, pausing a nanosecond in front of a few: “Look, there’s Monet! Look, a Degas! Oh, is that Delatour?


Nick and a painting by Georges de La Tour

Oh, that’s beautiful!

We got lost – found a huge staircase, climbed two stories, found a guard. “Where is Rembrandt?” I asked in French. He told me, I thanked him. The guard said to me, “Congratulations – your French is very good!” My sister and brother-in-law howled with laughter. My French is lamentable – honest.

We followed directions: “Take the elevator to the first floor, cross over the courtyard. Take the first left, then the second right. Take the staircase to the second floor. turn left again, and it’s six rooms down – room 30.”

It was room 32, but we found Rembrandt!

Rembrandt was a little of a letdown, after all the running – or else maybe it’s hard to admire a painting when you are gasping for breath and have a stitch in your side. But when I  looked at the photos I took later, I realized how amazing he is. The eyes follow you everywhere

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Nick and Rembrandt by Rembrandt


The exhausted tourists take a break in front of a couple garden gnomes ancient Greek style.