We have a favorite game now – we always have favorite games. I love games, my kids love games, and we have tons. But lately we have been playing One Night Werewolf and it’s a blast. A typical game starts with Sebi looking at me and saying, “Mom’s a werewolf” – no matter what card I have. And I can never bluff my way out of it – if I’m not the werewolf I’ll sputter that I am Not the Werewolf, and the kids believe me, or if I AM the werewolf I turn red and that’s it for me – unless the Robber or the Troublemaker switched my card.

Alex and Sebi are consummate liars – which makes me wonder if I’ve done such a great job raising them. They lie about everything in the game – even if they are the Seer or something innocuous. They lie – and they somehow convince me that poor Tony (their best friend since 5th grade) is lying, and so Tony and I lose (he’s usually a villager). If you want to play, it’s easy and here are the cards to print – you should download the app that speaks while everyone has their eyes closed.

Julia is a pretty good player, but she doesn’t lie as well as the twins. The worst is when both twins are werewolves. The best is when I’m the Troublemaker and I switch them around.