If you are an author, chances are you’ve had to format one of your books. Jenna Brandt tried several methods, pulled out all her hair (just kidding – but if you’ve ever had to format a book, you know what I mean!) and has this solution: (Welcome and thank you, Jenna!) 

“I never knew how challenging it was going to be to format my novels for eBooks, especially since I had never written them with the intention of having them published that way. When I was one week into the process, I was nowhere near finished with my first book. I had heard other indie authors complain about the process but nothing really prepared me for the actual endeavor.

Being a pretty efficient editor, I can run through a manuscript quite fast, however it was one of the most time-consuming and frustrating things I have ever done. I learned quickly, I needed to be always writing in the exposed format on Word. It changed how I planned to do things for future projects.

Two weeks later, I heard of the software program, Vellum* from another Indie author’s blog. It was supposed to be easier and I was willing to try anything. Luckily, I have a MacBook (Vellum is an exclusive Mac product).

Best writing decision I ever made. Vellum is AMAZING!!! I love all the choices it provides me and the intuitiveness of the program. I finished my whole book in two days. It generates all versions at once and to update the book is simple and quick.

I am now waiting for Vellum to release their print software (June 1st) so I can make my book available in print. I learned quickly I was not capable of formatting for print either.”

 *Vellum did not pay me for this. They don’t even know I wrote this lol. I really just heard from another author’s blog who used it. So, I looked it up, sampled it and fell in love! It’s revolutionized my life and I just want to share that with others.

Jenna is a historical fiction writer, here is her new book:

The English Proposal: Christian Victorian Era Historical (Window to the Heart Saga Book 1) by [Brandt, Jenna]The English Proposal: Christian Victorian Era Historical (Window to the Heart Saga Book 1) 

Sheltered on her family’s country estate, Lady Margaret, the daughter of an English Earl, is betrothed due to a family promise. Although Henry, the Viscount Rolantry, has been her best friend since childhood and she is expected to marry him, she never felt butterflies until she meets the Duke of Witherton. Against her father’s wishes, Margaret finds herself captivated by the forbidden duke. Caught between family loyalty and her own wishes, Margaret searches for a way to satisfy both her responsibilities and her longings. When tragedy strikes, Margaret finds herself seeking answers at church. But when she finally makes her choice, through her newfound faith, will she be able to live with the repercussions of her decision?

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Displaying 13177985_10206441133811000_1529186980204341074_n.jpegAbout the author: My name is Jenna Brandt and I am a Christian historical fiction author and my books span from the Victorian to Western eras with elements of romance, suspense and faith.

I have been an avid reader since I could hold a book and started writing stories almost as early. I have been published in several newspapers as well as edited for multiple papers. I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in English from Bethany College and was the Editor-in-Chief of my college newspaper. I’m an on-going contributor for The Mighty Website and my first Blog was published on Yahoo Parenting and The Grief Toolbox as well as featured on the ABC News and Good Morning America websites.

Writing is my passion but I also enjoy cooking, watching movies, reading, engaging in social media and spending time with my three young daughters and husband where we live in the Central Valley of California. I am also active in my local church where I volunteer on their first impressions team as well as write features for the church’s creative team.