It was my husband’s birthday, and his brother gave him a gift – it looked like an umbrella, and after a long speech, my brother-in-law handed the gift to my husband – who unwrapped a used golf club. We looked at it. My husband – unfailingly polite – searched for something nice to say. “Why, thank you!  It’s a three iron. Wow. It looks old. You know, I’ve seen one like this hanging in a sport’s bar – it was one of Tiger Woods’s clubs.” He turned it over and examined it. “Yes, I think the Tiger plays clubs like these. It’s really nice.  Um. How old is it?”

His brother shrugs cheerfully. “No idea, but you have to play with it. It’s old and it’s totally unforgiving. If you hit it wrong, you not only lose your ball, but all your teeth as well.” He made a shaking motion with his hands. “We’re tired of you beating us, so I got the hardest club I could find to play. A three iron blade.”

Stef – “Oh, well, of course I’ll play with it.” Hopeful tone of voice – “after all, Tiger Woods used this kind of club, right?”

Brother in law – “Not that one, in any case. Found it in the used club section in the store. Well, happy birthday!”

Stef – “Thank you, it’s lovely.”

Brother in law. “Oh, I almost forgot – I got you this one too.” (Motions to Sebi who brings another long, skinny package.)

This one was a fantastic driver, to go with the hybrid club Sebi got him. Huge smiles all around. A very golfy birthday, with a golf sweatshirt, 2 golf clubs, (3 including the old blade) and 2 club covers.

Later in the car –

Me – “Well, you certainly were a good sport about the joke present.”

Stef – “I thought it was serious.”