Sleeping with my Dog
Glenda put up with Ron turning into a wolf and mauling her every full moon, until the night he ate her precious poodle. Then she packed up and left. But how can she escape a man with a nose like a bloodhound? Especially since she can’t seem to give up her exclusive perfume…

My Ex Vampire
Sharon broke up with Dexter, but now she fears for her life. She bought a sun lamp and sleeps with it on all night long. Her worse fear? Lighting storms will knock out the electricity – and Dexter will come and get her.

The Ghost who Stalked Me
Sally Mae can’t get rid of the feeling someone is watching her – all the time. In the office, at the club, in her house. Day and night. And then she meets Fred. He’s dead. But he’s decided to stay in with her to watch her every move. Forever and ever.

Bringing Back Baby
Zelda loved George so much that when he died she begged a bokor to bring him to life. He agreed, in exchange for a lock of Zelda’s hair. And now George is back – but he’s different somehow. And Zelda is terrified of her zombie husband. Something is not right. And what is that smell?

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner
Trish just met Henry, and she wants to introduce him to her parents. But he’s a werewolf, and they’re both weresheep. She’s afraid Henry will cease to love her if he knows she’s a weresheep too. Is there a future for a weresheep and a werewolf? And what will their children be? WereWeeps?

A Vampire’s Book of Southern Style Living
Mary, a 600 year old vampire, is bored, so she gets a group of southern vampire women get together on the porch every night and they talk about life and love and trade recipes. Blood pudding, blood sausage, bloody Marys and such. A cute book about friendship in the afterlife and recipes galore for the picky vampire.