Lynda Warnock rated it ****
I have to admit that when I read the synopsis I was kind of skeptical about this book. We all know the story of Alexander the Great – and how he wanted to rule the world. I have always been fascinated with ancient history but mixing that with a time travel journalist from 3,000 years in the future — well I really didn’t know how it would work out. But I have to tell you that The Road to Alexander* was absolutely phenomenal. Jennifer Macaire did such an excellent job of bringing the two together that you would never know how different their worlds were.

Ashley was born to older parents who never wanted her and managed to marry her off at 16. Her husband was a wretchedly abusive man and she divorced him as soon as she could. She put herself through college with her divorce settlement, so that she could become the journalist she always dreamed of being. Working towards meeting the one true love her entire life, Alexander the Great. When she won the coveted prize to be this year’s one journalist to travel back in time to conduct her interview it took all she could to remain unemotional, worried all the time that somehow this one chance would be taken from her.

Alexander is enthralled with Ashley right away, he knows she’s different and believes her a god…and short of telling him the truth she doesn’t know how to dissuade him of that. Soon everyone in camp thinks of her as Persephone and they accept her “mistakes.”

Ashley’s feelings grow into true love and she and Alexander marry. But even with all her happiness she lives in fear that he will find out who she is, and that if she changes any part of history that she and everything she has changed will be erased. Through the multitude of ups and downs the one constant is the love that Ashley and Alexander feel for each other.

When on the final page I realized that this was just the first book out of seven and that this story does not yet come to an end I couldn’t have been happier. The second book is called

Legends of Persia and is also available now through Accent Press.

There is no way I can leave this story unfinished and I will have to continue on with the series as soon as I can. It may take seven books to tell this version of history, but no history book can compare to the beautiful story of these two people.

If you are a fan of Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander Series then you will love this story. The same heart wrenching trials and tribulations that she puts her characters through happen within this gripping tale.

The Road to Alexander is a wonderful moving saga. Really more of a historical piece than a romance there is more than enough heat between Alexander and Ashley to keep the pages smoldering. Macaire’s story ties you up in knots and hangs you out to dry. There wasn’t a piece of this book that didn’t fit, it kept a quick pace, the dialogue was witty and entertaining and the beautiful descriptions of ancient lands entice you into accompanying them on Alexander’s quest to conquer the world. (less)


Conan Tigard rated it 8 out of 10
From the first page, I was intrigued by this story. I know little to nothing about Alexander the Great, except that he has a city named after him, Alexandria. Being a sucker for time-travel stories, I found that I quite enjoyed the overall environment Jennifer Macaire creates in the Time for Alexander series.

The author’s descriptions of the lands, smells, food, people and the cities helps to bring the reader back to a time when the Greek gods ruled the land. She breathes life into characters that lived more than 2300 years ago and brings to life a world so incredibly different from ours. I would recommend this book for adults because of some of the scenes between Ashley and Alexander. I found it interesting that people were so open with their emotions in 330 B.C.

I found that I was wishing we were a little more like that now, instead of having to hide behind one of our many masks. If you are interested in Alexander the Great, this is a great book to pick up. Sure, the story is fiction, but so much of it seems to ring as true. Since The Road to Alexander* is the first book in a series, I look forward to seeing what is going to happen next with Ashley and Alexander.

Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Lavender
Time for Alexander book I (The Road to Alexander*) by Jennifer Macaire was not only well written, but very entertaining as well. This book was great and I loved it.

The main character, Ashley, is from the future. She is a time-travel journalist and wins an award and so gets to travel back in time to interview any historical person of her choice. She chooses Alexander the Great, a man she is already in love with. Ashley is an injured character, lonely and seeking something. When she meets Alexander, she discovers something similar in him. She is awed by him, but as she gets to know him, it becomes clear just how human he really is, despite everyone around him treating him like a god. He¹s strong but vulnerable.

Alexander is utterly endearing, and the way this story is written, I believe every word of it. The author is truly talented.

I loved the little details such as Ashley’s preparation to travel time. For example, sandals made of plaited grass imported from the Euphrates riverbank are given to her. Also, as a bit of sci-fi comes into play, she’s given a futuristic invention, a tradiscope so she’s able to understand languages, and given the proper shots. I read a lot of time travel, but I have never come across such an important detail before. It’s one of many that makes the story more realistic.

The book has many good lines as well. I really liked this one: I hadn’t known I’d had a heart until it broke. A tale filled with emotional ups and downs, The Road to Alexander* moved me many times.

As Ashley and Alexander become involved, I felt her heartache at being unable to tell Alexander that he is to die young or try to save him, for if she changes history, she will be erased. As I read this, I kept hoping something would happen, and she’d be able to get around that. Alexander was just so loveable.

I liked the scientific explanation given for when she arrived in his time; it was just enough and not over the top. The author described how the elasticity of time allowed for short visits, but problems occurred if a person stayed longer. The body’s atoms fought to stay in that time…very interesting.

Many unexpected things happen in this book. Ashley and Alexander’s relationship is so tender and strong that at first I suspected this is primarliy a romance, but it definitely is not. It gave me all the rewards that reading romance gives me, but, well, Alexander had other wives, and both he and Ashley had other relationships. If this hadn’t been handled right, I might have been disappointed or lost respect for the characters; however, Ms. Macaire wrote this with such authentic attention to history and the culture her characters resided in.

Many complex relationships were explored. It was fascinating. In a less talented author, things might have gotten a little confusing, but the author made me understand.

It was fun meeting Alexander’s teacher, Aristotle, in this book. I feel like I learned many things while reading this story but was also wildly entertained. The touching moments weren’t lacking either. Alexander helps the dying. Then there’s humor, and spicy sex.

Both characters experience personal growth, and it was interesting to read about. This story is intelligent, and deep topics are approached, but it’s good enough that someone ought to produce it. I highly recommend it and will be looking for the other books in this series.

* Please note that these reviews are for “The Road to Alexander”, when it was published under the title “Time for Alexander” book I in the series.