I was always a hot-head. I can remember getting a black eye because I yelled at a bully who threw my friend’s bike on the ground. I told him what I thought of him, he punched me in the face. That hurt, but not as much as his butt when I stormed off to his parents’ house and told them what he’d done. I never liked physical fights – I’m too small and not very coordinated – but I won’t back down. If someone wants to use violence, it doesn’t scare me. In fact, it usually makes me more determined. I screamed at one of the best polo players in the world the day he hit his horse with a mallet. And when he yelled back, I yelled louder. (Years later, we actually laughed about it – but at the time, believe me, it wasn’t funny.) People were running over to pull me away, and I was telling him in no uncertain terms that if I saw that again I was calling the ASPCA. So that’s me. I get a little crazy sometimes. My husband knows this. My family knows this. I can’t stand by and watch while someone gets bullied, or an animal is hurt, or if I see an injustice.

This was supposed to be a funny post. I was just over on an ultra right-wing website, posting that Trump’s vacations were costing the US taxpayer a fortune, and getting attacked by alt-righters – I noted that there are very few of them that can actually argue. They start name-calling and swearing. I ask for facts. That stumps them. They can only bleat. Maybe it’s mean of me to go tease them. I certainly won’t make any freinds, and someone has already threatened to boycott all my books (I’m not sure he’d be able to understand them – The Promise, for example, is for age 10…that may be over his head.) But I’m not over there to sell books. I’m over there to see if I can shoot some arrows of real news into the cesspool of rightwing propaganda. (And the effect, I’m sure, will be exactly the same as if they were real arrows and a real cesspool…)

But let’s not lose hope. I’ll keep on being a loud-mouthed, opinionated pain in the ass. I like being a pain. And if I get a few black eyes; so what. I can take it. Trump and his ilk are horrifying, but they won’t be there forever. The altright will sink back into its cesspool. I’ll stick up for you, if you have my back. And buy a couple of my books, because seeing my name on a best-seller list will really piss them off. How’s that for a sale’s pitch?