I’m Princess Noodle. Not everywhere. Sometimes I’m Juniper, sometimes Shabaz. But I’m mostly fond of Princess Noodle. Who is she? She’s my avatar for Heroes of Might and Magic, and for  Hearthstone, the online magic card game I love to play. Because yes, I admit, I’m a gamer. I play online and offline computer games. It started with our very first computer and the game Myst – then there was Rama, and the wildly fun Zork: Grand Inquisitor (still one of my all-time favorites). Heroes of Might and Magic became a favorite past time – to the extent that I have all the versions. My son used to give them to me for Christmas. I also hit the online games just to unplug my brain. I can play Hearthstone ot trot over to HorseIsle, which I started with my daughter in order to teach her English. You have to chat in that game, and only correct English is accepted. So, at night, when I need to unwind, I’ll flip open my computer, don a new identity, and hit the screens.